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Popular Girl Dog Names

113 Most Popular Girl Dog Names

There are few things greater than bringing home a new puppy, now it’s time to pick from the best girl dog names to call your new family member by. Or even better, make one up, there are no rules in this judgement free zone! Here is a list of our favorites we put together to jump start you into your perfect choice.


Before you begin, here are a few things to consider:

  • Try to avoid names that sound like commands, such as “Poe and No” or “May and Stay”, you don’t want to confuse your sweet pup.
  • Pick a name you find easy to say…you will likely be using it a lot over the next decade so make it fun, easy and a name you love to use.
  • One or two syllable names are usually the easiest to say, but don’t be afraid to be unique, and enjoy the process as much as the end result.
  • Use it out loud, call it, baby talk it, every way you can imagine. Your puppy won’t know her name yet and it will give you a good feel for how well you love it.

Doodle Bliss Favorites

Unique Girl Dog Names

Products we love moment - more names below

We have absolutely fallen in love with the Remy+Roo dog bandanas. They are durable, cut to fit my dog along with being some of the most adorable bandanas we have found. Luna and the puppies can all be seen showing them off, so cute!!!

Cute Dog Names

Hipster Girl Names

Products we love moment - more names below

More with Remy+Roo dog bandanas…I know we already went over this, but aren’t they sooo cute! This is another one of my favorite bundles that look adorable on our puppies. Now, on to more girl dog names.

Classic Girl Dog Names

Products we love moment - more names below

Ok, so we really love to keep our water cold…the invention of these flasks was an instant must have! So what is even better? Let’s just say we were thrilled to discover the asobu Dog Bowl. 33 oz of cold water and a bowl for the pups, that’s plenty of water to share in a keeps it cold, stylish sort of way.

Sassy Names

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

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