Mini Goldendoodle – The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to the miniature goldendoodle, aka the mini goldendoodle.

In this guide I'll cover:

Among the ‘designer breeds’, the goldendoodle is clearly one of the favorites and most common. With the Golden Retriever already America’s most popular dog for many reasons, add the non shedding attribute of a poodle and you have the make-up of truly amazing pet. A standard sized goldendoodle is typically 40-50 Lbs, 

F2 Mini Goldendoodle Teddy

this is one of the most common questions, and you will find that yes, they are very much like their bigger cousin in a smaller package. This means they need a little less space, eat less, poop less, although they might come across a little less threatening to an intruder. Otherwise, what a great couch companion they make.

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