Master Waiting List

Master Waiting List

Names are added by the date of deposit. When families are assigned to a litter the names are then visible on the upcoming litters page. Both pages will adjust based on actual availability of an upcoming litter. Our 2022 Goldendoodle waiting list is now open and will remain open until we have reached expected capacity. New additions should expect an 8-12 month wait. You can join the Master Waiting List HERE.

* Litters are assigned on a preliminary basis based on expected or actual availability and subject to change.

Litter Not Yet Determined

* List subject to change based on actual availability of upcoming litters.

Family Breed Gender Size Color Assigned Litter? Deposit Date
Kristin B Goldendoodle Undecided Medium/Mini Red/Apricot Luna 8/13/2020
Amy H Goldendoodle Undecided Medium/Mini Red/Apricot 9/18/2020
Angela H Goldendoodle Female Mini Red/Apricot Luna 9/26/2020
Lauren A Goldendoodle Standard 10/21/2020
Luis C Goldendoodle 11/9/2020
Alejandra G Goldendoodle Mini Tessa 11/10/2020
Monica D Goldendoodle 11/14/2020
Regina S Goldendoodle Tessa 11/20/2020
Jess L Goldendoodle 12/22/2020
J Chen Goldendoodle 12/24/2020
Kourtney H Goldendoodle Mini 12/25/2020
Sandra W Goldendoodle 12/26/2020
Bruce F Goldendoodle Female Medium 12/29/2020
Usha V Goldendoodle Male Mini Apricot/Red 12/30/2020
Jacob/Mari K Goldendoodle 1/13/2021
Brittni L Goldendoodle 1/18/2021
David N Goldendoodle 1/21/2021
Hector F Goldendoodle 1/21/2021
Alexis M Goldendoodle 1/21/2021
Lela F Goldendoodle 1/22/2021
Cynthia G Goldendoodle 1/23/2021
Gina M Goldendoodle 1/23/2021
Madison & Parker Goldendoodle 1/23/2021
Cristy L Goldendoodle Apricot 1/23/2021
Stephanie B Goldendoodle 1/26/2021
Megan S Goldendoodle 1/30/2021
Debbie H Goldendoodle 1/30/2021
Santaisha S Goldendoodle Mini 1/30/2021
Guadalupe S Goldendoodle 1/30/2021
Maya P Goldendoodle 1/31/2021
Terri B Goldendoodle Female Mini 1/31/2021
Jennifer K Goldendoodle Male Standard 3/5/2021
Morgan M Goldendoodle 3/24/2021
Philip & Anadee Goldendoodle 5/13/2021
Eddie & Adelina Goldendoodle 7/14/2021
Lisa T Goldendoodle 7/14/2021
Tracy H Goldendoodle 7/15/2021
Maria K Goldendoodle 7/28/2021
Jose A Goldendoodle 8/2/2021
Rebecca K Goldendoodle 8/11/2021
Agus L Goldendoodle 8/18/2021
Aaron H Goldendoodle 8/20/2021
Jennifer P Goldendoodle 8/21/2021
Brittany D Goldendoodle 9/19/2021
Jennifer S Goldendoodle Medium/Mini 9/22/2021
Matt & Ashley K Goldendoodle Mini 9/25/2021
Diedre M Goldendoodle Standard 9/26/2021
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