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People ask me all the time how I became a dog breeder in Gilbert, Arizona. I have always loved dogs and dreamed of sharing that with others as a breeder. But, as a mother of 9 children and a husband with dog allergies, I could not imagine that ever happening. After our beloved family dog, Nutmeg, a fawn colored Boxer passed away, we were introduced to Goldendoodles and were amazed at their energetic, yet gentle temperament and how well they fit our family. Even my husband was impressed with how little they affected his allergies.

My sister in law, Savanah, and my sister, Jenny, had shared a passion for breeding Labradoodles and I was inspired. Jenny, who had already adopted a black Labradoodle named Sofi, decided to breed her. She hired me for one upcoming litter to help with whelping and raising the puppies. From this first experience, I fell in love with the entire process. From the birth, to helping them grow and then finally seeing the joy they brought as I turned them over to their forever families, I was enamored. I found my nurturing nature carried over to the puppies and I loved every minute of it.

This experience ignited a passion for breeding and we decided it was time to fulfill my dream. We adopted our first Goldendoodles, Stella and Koda. I knew I had a lot to learn, so I sought out as much education as I could find. From professional organizations to local dog trainers, to veterinarians and of course networking with other respected breeders, I consistently seek to improve in knowledge and experience. I am continually astounded at how breeders are endowed with the opportunity to shape the character and temperament of puppies as we guide their early development.

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