Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale in Desert Aire, Washington

Based in Gilbert, AZ Doodle Bliss Puppies can be Delivered To All Major Airports

As a premier Mini Goldendoodle Puppy breeder, Doodle Bliss Puppies have been placed in amazing homes all over the country. Our experienced puppy nannies take care to deliver you puppy from our home to you. Or you can visit us directly in Gilbert, AZ. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Join our Newsletter for updates!

Having established ourselves as a sought after Standard and Mini Goldendoodle breeder based in Gilbert, AZ, Doodle Bliss puppies can likely be found near Desert Aire. Thanks to our amazing puppy nannies who deliver all over the country, Goldendoodle lovers in Desert Aire can experience the Bliss that comes from bringing home one of our adorable pups.


As a dog breeder that specializes in Mini Goldendoodles and Standard Goldendoodles, we are a small family-owned business that is dedicated to breeding healthy, happy, and well-socialized puppies. We strive to produce puppies with excellent temperaments, intelligence, and a low-to-no shed coat. All of our puppies are raised in our home and are well-socialized with children and other animals. 

Must Have Brush for All Doodle Owners!

To ensure the best in breed, all of are doodle parents go through genetic testing to ensure that their puppies are healthy and free of genetic health issues. We offer a health guarantee that is extended if you purchase our favorite holistic dog food, Pawtree, through our website. We can provide documentation of the puppy’s parents health and genetic testing if requested and. We work closely with our veterinarian and follow all recommended health protocols, including deworming and vaccinations. We will also work with you to ensure we match you with a puppy that meets your specific needs.

Enjoy a gallery of our adorable puppies!

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